Sunday, November 30, 2008

Money Secrets

By Kevin Filion

Times are tough there is no doubt about that, everywhere you turn you see it you hear it and I hope you are not feeling it. Morning news has nothing good to say another big company going bankrupt or company xyz wants the government to bail them out. There is a lot of anxiety out there about the Market, the economy jobs. The worst thing about all this is that nobody is coming out to bail out the average Joe.

If you are reading this then most likely you are trying to find out a way of making that extra cash, maybe considering doing things in ways that you have never thought of before I mean you have to do what you got to do to make it, to support your lifestyle your family cause if you don't nobody is. That's the sad truth no bailout for you from uncle Sam.

So, how come you get On-line you do a search in Google for ways to make money from home and you get all this different advertisements saying that you can make millions Online. Let me tell you Money Secret number one:

There is no such thing as easy money on the net specially if you have no idea of what you are doing.

Money Secret number two:

No matter what you read on those ads or sales letter you are going to have to do some type of work so be ready for it.

Money secret number three:

All Online businesses depend on one thing and one thing only... Traffic and traffic = sales

The internet's blood is traffic this is the key to you making money Online. You can have the greatest product in the world that will cure H.I.V. but if nobody knows about it then you are dead in the water even before you start swimming.

Money secret number four:

Internet Advertising that will get you traffic like crazy but not just any form of advertising but Free Advertising. After all you want to make money not the other way around.

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