Monday, August 18, 2008

Viral Marketing - Make It Last

By Will Barden
Viral marketing the future. Otherwise known as "word of mouth" marketing, it's all about leveraging and mobilising your current customers and visitors to work for YOU, so that you can do less work and enjoy a bigger reward at the end of the month.

Your clients can work for you by simply driving traffic to your business. This can be through word of mouth (telling their friends or sticking a few links on their web sites), or by running advertising campaigns to raise awareness of what you're selling.

Usually clients who take on an active role promoting your web sites (of course, viral marketing works just as well offline!) will expect to receive a commission for their efforts, just as any other affiliate would.

But heck, there's no problem with that, right? After all, that client just made you an extra sale, so without them you wouldn't have that extra money in the first place.

The point of viral marketing is that you want to turn ALL your customers and visitors are turned into partners. Then if you manage to drive 100 visitors, they get you another 10 each, and those 10 people manage another 5 each and so on down the line. Now the original 100 visitors has magically transformed into 5,000 visitors and potential customers!


As fantastic as viral marketing concepts are, they suffer from the same curse as traditional marketing tactics: you only get paid once.

The visitor hits your site, loves your product and buys. Then they either disappear or start working as an affiliate or partner if you're doing your recruiting properly.

Then what? While that customer is still driving traffic, they're not actively spending any more money with you. What you end up with is huge downlines of people all promoting, but only the very bottom of the chain is actually spending any money.

What you really need, is to get these customers into a recurring payment system - a membership site! If you can lock all your customers into a recurring monthly payment via a simple membership system, you've got automatic money machine that will grow bigger and bigger every month.
Plus, you have the added benefit of having a large member base who will tell you exactly what sort of products they want to buy, so you can spend your time creating those products for a virtually guaranteed avalanche of sales.

Hop to it: viral marketing with a membership twist. Neat, huh? :)

Will Barden is a successful online marketer. He has created various software products to help other marketers build their business. Read more about his viral membership software at

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