Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Story Behind Internet Marketing

By Moon Loh

In the early of 21st century, the development of e-commerce and e-business has brought to the rapid change of the business model in the economy. E-commerce and e-business can be defined as buying and selling of products, services and information on internet. E-commerce is more on macro environment while E-business is more on micro environment and it also includes servicing customers and collaborating with business partner.

Nowadays, people more recognize e-commerce and e-business as internet business. Internet business refers to the transactions and payments between suppliers and customers on internet. The change from traditional business to internet business has great impact on suppliers and consumers' behavior. Suppliers do not need to have a location or shop house and do not carry inventories. While consumers just need to get what they want by a few clicks at the comfort of their home. It is very convenient and no barriers of trade between countries. The marketing strategies thus change with this development.

Traditional marketing plans for example door to door sales, mailing of catalogues or leaflets are no longer applicable for internet business. A different type of internet marketing strategies has been used to target the users.

Internet marketing can be defined as the process of identifying prospective consumers, tracking and collecting data on these potential customers and then targeting them. Internet marketing comprises of website traffic and ranking, web directories, website development, social bookmarking, pay per click, email marketing, search engine marketing, search engine optimization and branding.

Quality internet marketing is important because it helps in reducing the advertising costs and improving the growth of customer base. By attracting quality traffic to the website, it leads to the improve of the sales and products branding.

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