Wednesday, August 20, 2008

5 Important Steps to Make Money Real Quick Online!

By Fabian Tan
Believe it or not, there is plenty of money to be made on the internet. What you need is the patience and consistency in your efforts. Each individual has some experience and expertise. You should identify yours and pick a niche that suits you best. The following steps are indented to help you get started.

1. Product/Service

The money that we are talking about is profits from selling product/s, or service/s to needy customers. The first step therefore is to identify product/s that you can sell through the internet. is a good place for you to choose the products.

2. Tell the world that you have the product/service

The Internet is a global seamless platform. So, you should let people looking for the particular product or services know that you can provide that. You need a website to do this. You can again go to the internet to find ways to create your website free of cost.

3. Contact information

You should have a squeeze page or landing page to gather contact information of the people visiting your web site. Once the contact information is available, use an autoresponder to keep the contacts alive.

4. Auto responder messages

Create a series of auto responder messages that can be delivered to the contacts when they click on your website. Build the sales pitch over 8 to 10 messages.

5. Consistency

Making money fast online involves selling products. To sell products you need customers. Therefore, be consistent in mailing to your customers with news, articles and whatever you can think of that is relevant to your product/service.

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