Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Three Free Ways to Attract Attention to Your Website - Invest Your Time to Make Money Online

By Davis Fiedler

To paraphrase myself: Internet marketing is NOT for the faint of heart. There is a lot of hype out there from people trying to sell you their magic program that claims you can make a 6 figure income at home in your pajamas, working 2 hours a day. Some of that may be true, but...those people worked for years to get to that point!

I am there now, starting off that is. My goal is to help people get started faster and avoid mistakes and pitfalls that we all make. AND, I might add, save you a lot money along the way.

I overheard this conversation last week while I was spelunking. A serendipitous encounter for sure because I don't spelunk on a frequent basis...

Holy Cow! Batman, said the Robin. This crime fighting stuff is pro bono and I want to buy a new Wii. I need to figure out how to make money online quick. I have been doing this internet marketing to make money online and I just can't seem to get anywhere! I need the missing link from someone that is already successful doing internet marketing. I need a guru that can give me a plan about what I need to do."

"Well my young caped crime fighter," said the Bat, "Who has been teaching you what to do? What have you been doing to sell the stuff and by the by, what are you selling? Not, I hope secrets to the Bat Cave!"

"No Batsker, not secrets about the Batcave (although, that might sell to comic book aficionados...hmm) I am showing people how they too can make money online using the internet and affiliate marketing. And guess what? They can do this without spending a dime of their own money. They can learn to do this for free. It is amazing!

"Sounds good Robin, how do I get in on this?" queried the winged crime fighter.

Here are three things that you can do now that will cost you time, not money:

1. How to find places on the web that will give you a free website to use. There are a lot of these. Squidoo and Wordpress come quickly to mind. Do a Google search for free web sites and stand back so you don't get bowled over!

2. Find out how to write dozens of articles, even if English is not your first language and you don't have any experience writing articles. There are many programs available that will write iterations of your article. That is to say that you write one article and the software changes a few synonyms here and there and adds and subtracts phrases. For example, you may write, "The quick brown fox jumped over the fence." The program will change the phrase to: "The fast brown mammal cleared the embankment." You get the point. Personally I would avoid these because, how much sense did that last sentence make? I include this because it is available. Use it at your own risk. Your articles may be reviewed by a live editor that will kick them out or worse yet, blacklist you.

3. Find out how you can sell some one else's books, be their affiliate, and get paid for doing it! Go to and find a product that you like. You will have to do some research here. A good product will have everything you need to market the product. Squeeze page text, articles, banners, etc. All you have to do is market the product.

How? Again you can put it up on a Squidoo lens, create back links and sell the product!

My purpose here is to give you some hope and insight that you CAN get started making money on the internet for free. Good luck!

Davis is an accomplished internet marketer who loves to help others become successful. Discover the simple secrets that most people will never know about how to create easy monthly internet income without ever leaving your house!

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