Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Way to Make Money Online?

By Michael J Rowe

When deciding how to make money online, the first stop on the journey is, obviously, an Internet search. I was no exception to this and I will tell you here what has happened so far.

My experience was initially, a huge list of Internet Marketing Gurus, trying to sell you the latest thing in the internet world that will make you a Millionaire overnight, with no experience and no money. They all claimed to have unearthed a mind blowing plan that mean't no one could fail. not even me.

Now, being a reasonably intelligent guy. I was a bit suspicious, It surely could not be that simple, otherwise every man and his dog would be at it and we would all be Millionaires, making a million Dollars or GBP practically worthless.

Dont' get me wrong, people are making money and in many cases "Big Money", but you do need some knowledge and perhaps, not so importantly, a little money also.

The first thing I learn't was that much of the money online was being made by Affiliates. Basically these are people who market other peoples products in return for a commission on sales made. Now if you sign up with Clickbank you will see hundreds of possible products to market. But beware!! the figures may look good but are they going to sell?. Your Google Adwords account can soon run up a large bill with little or no response.

What I needed was some help. Now eventually I stumbled across an amazing website that offered me just that. A STEP BY STEP GUIDE TO MAKING MONEY ON THE INTERNET, a simple, but at the same time informative plan.

Michael J Rowe

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