Saturday, March 14, 2009

Four Basic Steps of Online Marketing to Make Money Online

By Kyle Hoff

Here are the 4 basics that will be discussed:

1) What do you want to do? What is your end goal and the method you will be using?
2) How will you drive traffic to your site?
3) Are you building pages with the right words? Are the right ads on your pages? Do you have a "call to action" to get your visitors to take action?
4) Always discover what works and focus our efforts on those things. Always keep stats and analyze what works better and what wont. Repeat the same with what works. Disregard what does not work.

So, here we go.

First: You must decide whether you will be creating and selling your own products or promoting those of others (affiliate programs). You may want to sell advertising which could include selling text links or putting Google AdSense on your web pages.

Otherwise, how and where will money be generated?

Second: You need to decide how to drive traffic (viewers/prospects) to your site?

You can either purchase traffic or earn it your self. Both ways will need research and effort to attain your maximum exposure for results.

Purchasing advertising like Google Adwords or getting free traffic through the search engines with SEO or articles or a combination of both are great ways to get viewers to your site.

Third: Having the right keywords on your pages is a must. Also, are the right ads on your pages that are relative to your content? The call to action or getting your visitors/prospects react to your content and offers is the most important aspect. Are you motivating them? Are you appealing to what they want? You have to help them and they will help you.

It wont matter how many visitors read your pages. You MUST have a compelling OFFER so that they WILL take ACTION. No action. No money.

Fourth:You must find out what works and what wont and then focus your efforts on those things that are working.

Study stats and analyze why some things work better than others.

Experimenting and finding the best way to be profitable is KEY. Always take note of the things that are working and possibly discovering new ways to attract prospects to take the action.

Are you using the right keyword? Which of the keyword are affective? How about the advertising? Is it placed properly? Are they the right ads?


Buying traffic or getting in to high ranks with the search engines is great. But, you need to know what is converting and why.

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Reviews, information and a bit of fun. Stop reading and go make money.

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