Friday, November 7, 2008

Is Mindset Key to Online Success?

By Katarzyna Greco

A simple YES would most probably do it, answering the above question about "Is Mindset Key to Online Success?" Still, I want to explore this essential attitude for you and confirm this supposition:

Setting successful strategies for a successful online business is just one part of the whole online business and Internet marketing asset. Recession and struggle for winning new customers is just one of many facts, and excuses any of us might find.

The truth is that, Yes, we are facing recession in many countries worldwide. Yes, competition is growing and you have to struggle more for new customers. Also, keeping customers is very often even more difficult than "simply" gaining new ones ... a good marketing may help you find new customers; only long term relations and excellence of delivery in combination with authenticity guarantee long term success.

Having the right tools and systems in place is as important as applying them. You might have the best kitchen aids available on the market, if you do not use them, learn how to best use them, you will never serve that advertised dinner that had inspired you for the purchase. It is exactly the same with online marketing systems. Many tools and systems out there are quite vague, some are excellent. It is only up to you how much you can profit out of them!

Did you start your online business recently? Are you disappointed with results coming in just slowly? Are you blaming those who supported you taking the decision of pursuing internet marketing activities? Are you blaming any marketing system you subscribed to? Do you have this feeling of being overwhelmed by things not happening for you?

Can you feel how this is becoming very emotional; and emotion has to do with person; and person has to do with the individual; in this case with you, when talking about your business.

Seriously, you can not blame products or services, forums or tools. You have to look at yourself first and ask yourself what it is that you are doing to attract leads for instance.

Are you taking regularly some time to educate yourself? Do you get acquainted with new possibilities on the Internet? Do you apply the techniques you are learning? Are you investing in yourself to grow your business? There is this famous economic concept of "no free launches" that had fascinated me already while being a student. Back then in the early 90' s I visioned it really as the free lunch I would receive at midday: why would anyone invite me for a lunch, just like this? I am not talking about friends or family here, I am talking about business relationships. Even if it seems like a "let' s go for lunch" invite, it might turn out in the future to be the base for a business favour or new business contact. See the point I am making here. It is the same with investing into new systems. It is true that many people on the internet offer high value content and information. I was very lucky to find and apply one of those myself. Still, it is up to you using and investing, time, resources, actually both, in which ever proportion this might be. You will figure it out observing, monitoring, checking and adjusting your business case.

So, at the end, it comes all down to your mindset! Are you set for success? Are you willing to invest all available resources into your success? Do you understand there is a learning point and a learning curve that will grow steadily if, and only if you invest in it?!

Are you organized for success; willing to learn, apply, test and adapt? These are just some of the questions you should ask yourself before giving up or starting to blame systems, products, forums or persons involved.

Marketing your online business towards success is not a game, it is not easy and will not happen over night. Having the right market to be in, the right products and services to offer to this chosen market; being acquainted with the most important systems and tools for your success is just one part of the full picture.

Your mindset, willingness and massive and continuous action and personal growth are the essential part to it. A great system alone will not guarantee success. Your willingness and mindset might move mountains even with just a mediocre system or service available.

This article has been written by Katarzyna Greco. Katarzyna, called Kasia, has her definite strengths in project planning, persistence and endurance. This is where she has also gained almost 15 years of working experience in renowned companies she worked for, always in an international environment as Kasia fluently speaks 6 languages.

Kasia's passion in searching for new challenges, new interesting things to learn and to work on, has brought her not only to actively engage and develop herself in the areas of coaching, mentoring and personal development but has made of her a pioneer among the "Newbies" on the Internet.

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