Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Online Marketing Made Simple

By Karl Sultana

Online Marketing is popular in today's globally competitive environment. Online marketing have the same goal, to excite the market about a product or service. It carries with it the same principle of marketing mix that involved advertising, distribution and sales. However, doing your promotions and other activities costs less online than offline.

What are the online marketing activities?

Email marketing
Search Engine Optimization
Viral Marketing

These are the three most important marketing activities you can do and at the lowest possible cost. This reaches more customers as compared to traditional marketing. You surely know that there are no boundaries in the World Wide Web.

Email Marketing

This is the same as your direct mail campaign. You will create an email send it to your list whenever and wherever they are. You will need to excite them with title of your email campaign and present a useful body of letter.

The most important aspect of course is your list. You will need to build a list. There is danger of your email going to the trash bin if you send it to people you do not know. You can offer freebies to help develop your list and thus you will be able to send as much emails to your list.

You will not have to pay for stamps, no envelopes, and your recipients will receive your messages in a matter of minutes.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO or search engine optimization is the most effective online marketing endeavor you will be able to conduct. You do not need a list; you will only need to prepare articles with keywords that will help internet browsers looking for your product or service to see you on top of the Search engine list.

You will need to create articles and will excite your potential customers about your products or service, include the keywords that people might use in trying to locate your product. When internet browsers see your article in the first page of search engines, it is easy for them to click on your article or advertisement and you have a potentially interested client browsing on your website.

Pay per click advertisements

Just like in the traditional marketing where you pay for advertisements, you may also create banner advertisements and pay affiliates who will post your advertisement to their websites. The more website posts your advertisements, you will have more customers browsing your products and services.

There are other online marketing activities but the above list is the most important endeavor you may take if you want to promote your products and services at the lowest possible rate.

Online marketing does not have boundaries; your marketing efforts will surely reach many customers whenever and wherever they are.

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