Saturday, September 6, 2008

Let Your Web Site Do the Selling

By Lauren Hobson

Getting visitors to your web site is important, of course, but what happens once they get there? Your web content must convince visitors that they have found the exact information that they need, reassure them that your company is credible and trustworthy, and lead them into taking action - whether that's clicking on a link, making a phone call, or purchasing something online. Here are some tips for building web content that motivates visitors to take action, which typically leads to improved conversion rates, better response ratios, and ultimately more sales!

- Focus on the benefits. Make sure that your web site focuses on the benefits to the customer, instead of puffery about you and your company. When readers see "we" this and "our" that, it tells them that you are more focused on yourself than on how you can help them solve their problems.

- Repeat the "landmarks". If visitors come to your site through a click ad, make sure they land on a page that has the same text as the ad. If a visitor clicks on an organic search result, make sure you repeat the search term (i.e., keyword) on the landing page, preferably in a headline or near the top of the first paragraph.

- Make it easy to take action. Use a strong call to action, and make sure it is highly visible on the page. If you want visitors to call, make sure your phone number is big and bold and not buried in the text. If visitors are there to buy, use a large, colorful "Buy Now" button so there is no question about how to make a purchase.

- Establish credibility. Your web site visitors may not already be familiar with your business, and you have very little time to enlighten them. Highlight your customer satisfaction guarantee, privacy policy, client testimonials, case studies, and your project portfolio to reassure visitors and build trust.

- Use the subliminal to your advantage. The quality of the design and layout of your site sends a subliminal message to your visitors the instant that they first see your site. Make sure this communication is working in your favor and reflects an image of quality and professionalism.

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