Monday, September 22, 2008

3 Tips to Promote Your Website and Increase Traffic

By Yasir Khan

While there are many different tips to promote your website online, most of them only relate to inefficient ways of doing so. Arguably, website promotion can be done in a million different ways, but like most other things, the better ways are few and hard to find.

Promoting your website should be given utmost importance because without adequate website promotion, visitors will have a difficult time finding your website, which will make your sales suffer. Because promoting your website is such a popular topic, if you Google the phrase "how to promote your website" you will have thousands of results based on the topic.

The only problem is: Most of the information provided is either difficult to implement or is highly in-effective.

Therefore, the top 3 tips to promote your website are the following:

1. Increase your link popularity: Links are the life-line of your website. It is very difficult to earn a full-time income without having thousands of inbound links to your website. To increase your link popularity, you can submit your website to link directories, socially bookmark your blog posts, comment on other people's blogs and leave a link, participate in forums and have your website link in the signature box.

2. Make use of link relevancy: There is a difference between link popularity and link relevancy. Link relevancy is rewarded by Google to a higher extent. You can increase your website link relevancy by submitting links which point to your website for a specific phrase. For example, if you have a dog food website, you can submit links to different venues with the link title "Different variety of dog food", instead of just saying "Pets". Provided that you have enough inbound links with more or less the same link title, you will easily get a first page ranking in Google for different niches.

3. Start a newsletter: Start a daily newsletter by signing up with an auto-responder company. The idea should be to provide prospective customers with value and add them to the list where you can constantly be in touch with them. Remember, the money is in your list. So try to create a huge list over time and chances are that your revenue will start increasing dramatically.

I am sure the tips mentioned above will help you promote your website more effectively.

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