Friday, August 15, 2008

An honest review of Wealthy Surveys

For those of you out there that have not heard, you can get paid from taking online surveys. Now this isn’t going to make everybody that takes them mega rich, but can earn you a steady income. I joined a site called Wealthy Surveys a couple of months back and have already earned enough to now pay for my monthly payments on my new BMW M3 sports car. This would not have been possible before just using my primary income.

Basically how it works is that you sign up to the site and use there extensive database of companies that require your opinion. You complete the surveys and then get a check through the post either fortnightly or monthly depending on the company. It’s as easy as that. The more surveys you take, the more cash you’ll receive.

Now I have a job that I enjoy so I only use this as a secondary income, so that I can get the finer things in life but many use this method as there only income and made it into a business. My friend told me about the Wealthy Surveys site and takes surveys as a full time job.

It only takes a couple of minutes to take the surveys so I usually spend around an hour a day completing them. My friend works 3 full days a week and then takes the rest of the week off! So it really depends what type of level of income you want to make, to how much time you need to spend on them.

I’ve tried a few other sites but just didn’t get the same results that I found at Wealthy Surveys. These sites make bogus claims and are just out for your hard earned cash. You need to avoid them as they’ll just rip you off! Believe me, I signed up to a few and got ripped off before I found Wealthy Surveys. Don’t let the same happen to you.


If you want an easy, quick way to earn money online without the hassle of selling anything then I recommend you check out Wealthy Surveys. I have had nothing but success using there database of companies and am enjoying using my new additional income so that I can pay for my expensive sports car and exotic holidays. Check it out for yourself here

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